Bouldering in Berlin

I did not expect to find myself in Berlin at the weekend, nor did I think I would still be here at the time of writing, having originally booked my tickets to fly back early Monday morning.

I came to visit my cousin to help her recover after an appendicitis operation, but this week had other things in store for us. Just two weeks after the op, she ended up having another one. Of course, I couldn’t leave as early as I had planned and ended up extending my stay, because there is nothing worse than leaving someone you care about alone in a hospital after such a stressful period.

Undoubtedly, this has been a stressful experience for me too, as anyone who has watched a loved one in pain can imagine, but apart from worrying about Eva I have had all the comforts I need – her (huge) flat to stay in for free, internet in the hospital for work, and her travel ticket so I don’t have to spend money on going back and forth from home to hospital. The only thing frustrating me in my day-to-day life here was that I couldn’t climb.

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