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Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog!

I live in London and work as a financial journalist, but the dream has always been to write about travel. And ideally to travel in the meantime, of course!

In 2014 I took a travel writing course, taught by accomplished travel writer Peter Carty, and this finally inspired me to put some time and effort into this blog! I fully recommend his travel writing courses to anyone with the same passion.

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I have spent a large proportion of my life travelling, having sort of been forced into it by my parents. I was born in Russia, but when I was three years old the Soviet Union collapsed, leaving my father without sufficient income, so we moved. A lot.

Thailand 2006

But I only really started to enjoy travel properly when I first left Europe and went to Thailand in 2006 – one of my favourite places on earth to this day!

I think that was the point when I got the travelling bug…and fell in love with elephants, as the picture on the left shows.

Since then, favourite destinations have been South Africa, Croatia, Morocco, to name just a few…


Then, about two years ago, I got seriously into rock climbing. It was something that had always been a part of my life, tangentially, because my brother is a climber and in love with the sport. But it took me quite a few years to fall in love with it myself.

Anna leadNow, much of the travel I do is somehow connected to climbing, and by default this blog has also gravitating towards climbing-related topics. In truth, I am a little obsessed!

I’ve spent most weekends during the summer of 2015 outdoors learning to climb on different types of rock and in different styles. So far, my climbing partner Valentina and I have covered North Wales, Peak District, the Wye Valley, and Southern sandstone in the UK, limestone in Frankenjura and Italy, and the beautiful Todra Gorge in Morocco.

This is certainly not the end of our adventures, and the list will grow!


But climbing is not the only thing I am passionate about. I have experimented with many different sports, and I tend to be drawn to the alternative, rather than the mainstream. My first love affair was actually with aerial circus – hoop, silks, anything that involves hanging from the air in weird shapes.

Recently, I have also been exploring different types of yoga – aerial and Acro Yoga. The latter will be a new obsession, I can feel it!


I hope you like my blog and thank you for reading! Happy adventuring 🙂

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