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Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog!

I lived in London for six years and worked as a financial journalist, but the dream was always to travel and write about it.

In 2014 I took a travel writing course, taught by accomplished travel writer Peter Carty, and this finally inspired me to put some time and effort into this blog! I fully recommend his travel writing courses to anyone with the same passion.

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I have spent a large proportion of my life travelling in one way or another, having sort of been forced into it by circumstances. I was born in the USSR, but when I was three years old the communist state collapsed, leaving my father without sufficient income, so we moved. A lot.

Thailand 2006

But I only really started to enjoy travel properly when I first left Europe and went to Thailand in 2006 – one of my favourite places on earth to this day!

I think that was the point when I got the travelling bug…and fell in love with elephants, as you can clearly tell from the picture.

Since then, favourite destinations have been South Africa, Croatia, Morocco, to name just a few…

My climbing passion

Then, in 2015, I got seriously into rock climbing. It was something that had always been a part of my life, tangentially, because my brother is a climber and in love with the sport. But it took me quite a few years to fall in love with it myself.

Through rock climbing I have found a new purpose for my travels, made some incredibly friends, including one of my now closest mates Valentina, who was my climbing partner during that first summer, when we spent every weekend outdoors on rock.

Then, the following year, I met my soul mate and partner in crime, Clay, with whom I finally decided to make the leap I have wanted to take for so long, and quit my job in favour of long-term travel.

Me on Switzerland – photo courtesy of Kai

It is now the beginning of 2018 and we are two months into a year-long climbing adventure! So far we have explored climbing in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, and still have all of Europe and more to cover! Truth be told, we hope we can make it last longer than a year. We hope this is a beginning of a new life.

My other interests


But climbing has not been my only passion. I have experimented with many different sports, and I tend to be drawn to the alternative, rather than the mainstream. My first love affair was actually with aerial circus – hoop, silks, anything that involves hanging from the air in weird shapes.

I also have an internet in yoga, especially the less conventional types, such as aerial and acro yoga, and hope to be able to do more in the future. Now that we are on the road I am trying to incorporate a daily practice into my routine. Yoga also helps me mentally with my climbing through the mindfulness aspect, which is a topic close to my heart.

I hope you like my blog and thank you for reading! Please comment and share your thoughts with me 🙂

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