Why I went vegetarian for my big trip

Salad bowl

A year ago, the idea of not eating any meat would have filled me with dread. I used to love having a nice medium rare steak from time to time, didn’t consider my meal complete without some chicken or fish, and assumed that as soon as I eliminated this from my diet I would lose all my muscle and get really ill.

But as Clay and I embarked on our big trip, a few things happened that slowly changed my mind.

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A very Thai Thanksgiving

Who said you can’t celebrate Thanksgiving all the way on the other side of the world? When you make American friends in Thailand, you make the magic happen.

Last Thursday it was Thanksgiving in America, and we decided there was nothing stopping us from having a family style celebration over in Thailand. Luckily, the homestay we were staying at was incredibly accomodating and got on board with our need for all the food to arrive at the same time, sharing style.

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