The lockdown diaries: Staying motivated to exercise

Photo by Geert Pieters on Unsplash

In these unprecedented times, we are all having to change and adapt the way we live our everyday lives. And this doesn’t just mean not going out with friends and working from home. It also means you can’t go to your favourite exercise classes or climbing at the gym.

To be honest, exercise classes are something I have really missed since going away to travel. Despite climbing all the time outdoors, I miss being able to mix things up by going to hot yoga, or aerial circus, or the odd Zumba class. That sense of togetherness that gives you the extra motivation you need when you just can’t be bothered!

But I have also learned a lot about motivating myself – to stretch regularly, to do yoga, to do rehab. And, yes, even to climb, because sometimes even that is hard to get excited about. So here are a few tips for all of you guys stuck at home and staring at that exercise mat, thinking “Maybe tomorrow”.

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Frankenjura four years later

Almost exactly four years ago I was stood beneath a piece of grey pockety rock in a German forest, having just put on a brand new pair of 5.10 climbing shoes, about to get onto my first ever outdoor sport route on the sharp end of the rope.

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Climbing in Laos: Unexpectedly mind-blowing

When we set out for our trip to South East Asia, we though we would spend most of our time climbing in Southern Thailand, and another large chunk in Vietnam. We were also planning to check out the climbing in Northern Thailand, maybe for a week or so, and Laos and Cambodia were reserved for a short tourist trip. How wrong we were…

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The ten things I wish I’d known before climbing in Northern Thailand

No advice can really prepare you for rock climbing in a tropical country when you’re used to the mild European climate, but I wish I’d done a little more research about what it’s like to climb in Thailand.

We’ve been climbing at Crazy Horse for six days now (with a two-day break when we went back to Chiang Mai for the weekend).

To be honest, it’s been a whole lot better than I expected. The rock is beautiful and not too polished, the routes are interesting and incredibly well-bolted. The grades are maybe a little soft, but the heat and humidity makes everything seem so much harder.

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