A very Thai Thanksgiving

Who said you can’t celebrate Thanksgiving all the way on the other side of the world? When you make American friends in Thailand, you make the magic happen.

Last Thursday it was Thanksgiving in America, and we decided there was nothing stopping us from having a family style celebration over in Thailand. Luckily, the homestay we were staying at was incredibly accomodating and got on board with our need for all the food to arrive at the same time, sharing style.

Over the couple of weeks we had spent climbing at Crazy Horse and living at Jira Homestay, Clay and I had made friends with an American, Canadian and a kiwi couple. The Canadians unfortunately left before Thanksgiving, but another American couple arrived a few of days beforehand, so on the special day we were eight. And we made sure we ordered enough for eight to feast on!

The honourable place of the turkey was taken by a deep fried fish in sweet and sour sauce. It was delightful! We also had some deep fried chicken wings, which were probably some of tastiest ones I’ve ever had (quite a statement, I know!).

Most of the friends we had made at Crazy Horse are vegetarians, which made us take the step to eating more vegetarian food, something we have been planning on doing for a while. I was worried the lack of meat would make me feel lethargic or lack energy, or affect me in some other negative way, but I have honestly felt a whole load better for choosing the vegetarian options 90% of the time over the past few weeks.

So the rest of our feast consisted of vegetarian dishes: fried rice, green curry with veggies, yellow curry, a Northern style chilli dip with vegetables and French fries.

And for dessert: the ultimate winner. Thai pancakes. I had no idea they were so good!! Think deep fried circles of dough, doused in condensed milk, that just melt in your mouth. We paired them with tons of ice cream and tropical fruit – dragon fruit and passion fruit.

It felt exactly like Thanksgiving should – too much food, way too much dessert, great company, and a wonderful homely atmosphere.

Staying at Jira’s was such an amazing start to our climbing adventure that we stayed there for three weeks instead of the one that we had planned, but eventually it was time to leave. And I swear, that was the hardest thing we’ve had to deal with on our travels to far, even though we were mega excited about moving on to Laos.

Wewill really miss that place, and our Thai Thanksgiving family!

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