Leaky home

Photo by Gabriele Diwald on Unsplash

Have you ever had the roof in your home leak really badly? It’s pretty stressful, right? Every time it rains you freak out a little. And that constant worry about how much it will cost to fix!

Now imagine the leak is right next to your bed. And it splashes all over the place even if you put a bucket underneath it. Your slippers are wet, your walls are wet, the paint is starting to peel off, everything is damp. And you have no heater to dry stuff off. And it keeps raining really, really hard, like buckets of water coming out of the sky.

That gets close to describing our last few days! We’ve hit a rainy spell over here in Greece – it’s not all sunshine and butterflies, even in this part of the world – and our side door leaked. It leaked a lot. The other day, we woke up to a very wet floor, and obviously a wet door. And it was still bloody chucking it down!

My partner Clay, being the handyman that he is, spent a couple of hours trying to re-adjust the door and – hooray! – it looked like it was fixed. But then last night, the skies erupted and it rained even more. We didn’t think it could possibly rain quite so much. Not in Greece! But rain it did, and it turned out that our door does in fact still leak. I found this out in the middle of the night and stressed about it for most of the morning. It’s not as bad as it was, but some more fixing is definitely in order.

So remember that post about the trials and tribulations of vanlife? Well, this is when it gets a bit shit. Going into winter is always a little bit unnerving, especially with a leaky van! The lack of sunshine also means we can’t charge our batteries, so phone, laptop and internet use is limited (I’m writing this from a restaurant which has a good array of charging points, and is full of climbers hiding from the storm).

The one good thing that’s coming out of this is that we are seriously planning a new, bigger and better van, hopefully for the not-too-distant future. Which is very exciting, and a definite silver lining. We just need to get through this winter first. And save some money to buy it!

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