Thailand: Climbing in Chiang Mai

After a few days of eating everything Thailand has to offer and accumulating some substantial podge around our mid areas, we finally made it to the climbing area in Chiang Mai.

Situated in the North of the country, Chiang Mai has unfortunately become far more touristy than when I last visited Thailand a decade ago. The climbing has also now been discovered by more than just a handful of foreigners, but it is still nowhere near as popular as some of the more well known destinations, such as Krabi in the South of the country.

And as the first place to begin our rock climbing adventure, it is absolutely perfect, with a huge range of easier climbs, and a wonderful change from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

The climbing area, called Crazy Horse, sits around 45 mins drive outside of Chiang Mai. We couldn’t get our hands on a guidebook in England, so we bought it when we got here from a company called Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures (CMRCA), which looks after the crags.

CMRCA shop
CMRCA shop

They run a gym in the city, through which people can book climbing courses or transport to and from the crag. We used their service to get out to Crazy Horse, though by Thai standards it’s pretty expensive – around £12 each (525 baht), return.

We were also recommended to stay at a place near the crag called Jira Homestay, but it turned out November is a busy month and they had run out of rooms. Instead, we were offered a tent, which was completely set up for us when we arrived and turned out to be a really nice place to spend the night. And we paid…just 250 baht per night for this. A whopping £6 for the two of us!

They also do amazing food. It comes at slightly  higher  prices  than some  of the food markets, but the portions  are huge! And they prepare  lunches  to take away to the crag  too, which is  awesome!

We’ve mostly done very easy climbing so far, but that is exactly the start we needed. Even the easy routes are very interesting, with lots of features, and extremely well bolted!

The heat and humidity have got to us though, and we have struggled a bit with stamina, and general breathing throughout the day. But apparently it’s actually pretty cool now, so we better acclimatise fast for when it gets hotter again…

Can’t wait to check out more areas over the next few days. We have recommendations from a few people for an easy multi-pitch with breathtaking views, so that’s definitely on the bucket list.

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