New climbing videos project: Be inspired every day

This is a guest post from  Alex Street, the creator of, a new website bringing together all the best climbing videos to inspire climbers worldwide. Here, Alex tells you about his new project, which I really recommend you check out!
********************************************* is a blog I came across while researching some background on a film I was presenting on my website. Anna and I are both drawn to climbing and climbing culture. I loved Anna’s writing style and how she captured the conflict between society’s view of women and its assumptions about climbing. Given my project’s focus on climbing culture, I felt like-minded readers of Anna’s blog should be introduced to my website
The idea behind is a simple one: bring together the world’s most inspiring and professionally produced climbing videos. “Box” like TV, “Monkey” like climbing.
I believe this is something missing from today’s climbing websites. I don’t believe any website or app yet captures and expresses the artistry in climbing films. That’s the destination aspires to be.
A new, handpicked video is added every day and more than 300 videos are now available. We obsess over the photography used to present each film, using only the most inspiring, powerful and beautiful shots. So this extraordinary culture of cinematography that pursues and records climbing feats in remote, wild and extreme conditions is faithfully represented.
Find us at – the world’s most inspiring collection of climbing films.
So I hope readers of Anna’s blog enjoy the project. I think it’s no mistake that Shauna Coxsey has been one of the most visited areas of the site in recent weeks. It’s a reminder that in British climbing women are often outshining the men, and I’m glad Anna’s blog is giving s voice to that community.