Ten reasons girls should try rock climbing

So you are bored out of your mind of your usual gym routine. Every time you step on a treadmill you feel like a hamster running around in a wheel. The classes are more fun, but you keep missing them because of work/ plans with friends/ laziness.

You are not motivated, so you aren’t getting strong, like you planned to when you made your New Year’s resolutions, and it is just so frustrating!

Sound familiar? Then it is time to try rock climbing!

Me climbing at Vauxwall
Me climbing at Vauxwall
Here are my top ten reasons you should try rock climbing

1. Meet new friends
It is a very social sport, so you are bound to make new friends, male and female, on top of just working out. It will help keep you motivated too!

2. Rock climbing makes you stronger and tones your entire body
Biceps, triceps, forearms, finger tendons, core, legs, glutes (yes, I mean bums!)…you name it! No more feeling weaker than the boys around. And those muscles will look good.

3. Good choice for busy Londoners
There are loads of climbing gyms in London, so likely there is one not far from where you live or work.
(check out my list of the top climbing gyms in London here)

4. Rock climbing is a boys’ sport? Rubbish!
Girls are often better skilled climbers than guys, but sadly some women are still put off from trying the sport because they feel it is dominated by men. It is about time to change those misconceptions! Plus, people will think you are pretty cool and hardcore, female climber 🙂

5. But there do happen to be a lot of boys rock climbing…
It may be frustrating that the sport still remains quite male-dominated, but it does mean lots of strong, attractive men at the climbing gym 😉 But be careful – dating in the climbing world can be a bit of a minefield!

6. It is addictive in all the best ways!
If you dread your trip to the gym every morning/evening and find multiple excuses to miss a session, trust me this will not happen with climbing.

7. A new way to enjoy the outdoors
Once you get properly addicted and make lots of new climbing friends, you can transition to climbing trips outdoors. This means a completely new way to enjoy nature.

8. No more missing classes at the gym!
You do not need to stick to a specific day of the week and time if you do not want to – most climbing gyms are open pretty late, and some even early in the morning (The Arch is a good example). No more missed classes because of a late night at work or forgetting to sign up on time.

9. There are some majorly inspirational female climbers
Think Gwen Moffat of the older generation (a film came out about this 91-year old lady recently, Operation Moffat, you can see the trailer here), Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, who has climber all 14 of the world’s 8,000m peaks, and Ashima Shiraishi, a 14-year old Japanese climber who is crushing the hardest sport routes on the planet. To name just a few…

10. You can eat WHATEVER YOU WANT after a day of rock climbing!
Climbing is a pretty good way to burn some calories, as long as you are not just sitting around looking up at the routes all day. At the end of a day’s climbing, you will be pretty hungry, but you can indulge in a filling dinner to replace all the lost energy. And chocolate? Well, that is a climber’s best friend!


Are you thinking of giving climbing a go? Have you recently tried it for the first time? Share your experience here – I would love to hear from you!

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