My excuses for neglecting this blog

I am ashamed to say that time and time again over the past few weeks (months…?) I have chosen to neglect this blog, despite my best intentions to dedicate some time to it. I confess, I have been choosing the great, or even slightly mediocre, outdoors over sitting at home and writing…every single time.

This being a blog about adventure, I suppose it stands to reason that adventure would come top of my priority list, but it is, of course, totally inexcusable to ignore this project, and I will make every effort to change (famous last words…?).

Anyway, this is not going to be one of those “10 things to do outdoors” kinds of entries.

Partly because what has been putting me off writing more on here is the feeling I would have to put a huge amount of research into my next article to make sure there is lots of useful content, and partly following a conversation with a friend, who very rightly told me to make my writing more personal.

So what have I been doing with my time instead of sitting here coming up with adventure ideas??

Well….I have been out adventuring, of course!

As you know, I’m a massive advocate of finding adventures everywhere, and I have decided that this summer I won’t let the fact that I live in London deter me from going out there and making every minute of my free time count.

And of course, having got the climbing bug, I’m in that honeymoon phase where *all* I want to do is climb (out in the sunshine, of course!).

Understandably, most people think I’m mental. My mother called me last night saying she was worried I was losing it a bit. Ok, she thinks I’m losing it big time! She is consoling herself by thinking it is just phase, and will soon pass. (Little does she know….)

So with this in mind, it isn’t too surprising that I have been spending all my weekends climbing, and now that we finally have a summer, this has taken me out into the nearby countryside, laden with a massive rucksack stuffed with a sleeping bag, tent and mountains of food to keep energy levels up on the rocks.

I never feel happier than when I’m setting up a tent for a weekend away from buildings and traffic. No computers, barely any reception, fresh air, trees…pure bliss!

And it isn’t even hard to find this bliss within easy reach of central London: take a train from London Bridge to Eridge, walk for 20 mins – and voila, we are at the climbing crag, surrounded by trees and rocks, and climbers. I struggle to think of a better way to spend my time off work!

The downside of this lifestyle is that my flat is a mess, because I haven’t physically been in it for any meaningful amount of time for weeks. My tent is also a mess, because I haven’t had a chance to wash it, or even give it a good shake to get rid of all the (now dead) insects.

Apart from that, all my friends and family who aren’t obsessed with scaling rocks are getting slightly (or extremely) frustrated, because I’m always unavailable, and often completely out of reach. Or too tired to go out and do anything else. And even when I do, I keep talking about climbing…

I am completely aware of all this, but I just can’t help choosing the outdoors over anything that London has to offer this summer. I guess this is my open admission that I have had enough of the city.

I still love London. This isn’t a break up, it’s just my attempt to find a balance that works for me. It’s when the winter arrives that I’ll really struggle!

6 Replies to “My excuses for neglecting this blog”

  1. I know exactly what you’re on about. My parents and sisters (I was always more obsessed about skiing and football) would be away in the mountains most weekends. It’s an absolutely sane reaction to the wonders of the outdoors and far more important than blogging.

    1. Really appreciate this comment!! ☺️ I would get on with your parents and sisters for sure! It’s always the Scotsmen than understand this kind of thing ☺️

  2. You can’t write about adventure unless you have a couple… so I think people understand…. also there are all those winter month during which you can blog about things (as a bucket list for the next summer). As a kind of- do what i did last summer, blog series 😛

    1. Exactly, the winter is for sitting in front of the laptop and reminiscing about the summer 😉

      Having said that, I will try to write more posts while I’m on the tube or travelling in general, and post them when I have internet. Hopefully that will work better!

  3. Ive found a messy flat is a sign that you are having fun as you don’t have enough time to be in. Don’t fret at some point people will just give up expecting it to be tidy and chat about you as a person 😛

  4. I don’t think you’re cray. This summer turned out to not be much for climbing, or even hiking (pregnancy, along with dragging around a 2 year old, are more about walking) but I literally want to spend all my time outside! Maybe it’s the desire to soak up enough sunshine to last the winter.

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