My new project: Vertical Souls

“Guys…why don’t we actually try and make something out of this climbing obsession?” – those were the words of my climbing partner Valentina and our just-as-obsessed friend Tamsin as we were having dinner one Sunday night after another weekend outdoors.

Suddenly, this seemed like the perfect idea. We live and breathe this sport right now, surely we can share all the things we’re learning with other people taking up the sport for the first time, or those deciding to commit to it with renewed vigour.

Luckily for us, Tamsin happens to be an ex film student and exceptionally skilled with the camera (though she will never admit it!). The concept for the videos was an easy one to come up with – though we’re still perfecting it, of course, and will be for a long time.

Our new project goes under the name “Vertical Souls” and will comprise a set of videos in which we will share our passion for climbing and everything we have learnt so far about our sport, taking you on our journey with us as we learn more ourselves.

You can expect videos on anything from training to food (especially food!!), from stretching to injury prevention, and everything in between. And to top it off, we are fully committed to wearing the most colourful sportswear we can get our hands on for these videos!

I will also keep updating you on our antics on this blog, so please keep reading, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss any of our new videos.

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

But please do be patient with us while we smooth out sound issues and anything else that isn’t quite perfect, yet. We know there is still work to be done and fully expect teething problems, but please do also give us your feedback and more ideas for future topics to cover.

Thanks for your support and please keep watching and share, share, share!!

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