Freelancing on the road

It has been quite a while since my last post on this blog, and the main reason for this is that the time I used to spend on the laptop typing up blog posts has been taken over by writing for work…yes, the honeymoon travel period has come to an end, and I’ve had to pick up the pen for payment rather than pleasure once again!

It’s certainly not bad news though, because the last couple of months have shown that it really might just be possible to work as a freelancer while out on the road and earn enough to happily live the lifestyle we are living right now.

Of course, it isn’t anything like my life in London, and the recent trip to Berlin, where we spent three days visiting my cousin Eva and enjoying all that a city has to offer, has shown this.

Over the past few days, we have gone out for food more often than during any of the months that we have spent on the road. It has been lovely – finally, we got to taste some Asian food once again and enjoy not having to clean up after ourselves. But this is a rare occurence – it simply isn’t within our budget.

We cook a lot in the van, and we don’t feel at all deprived of entertainment – after all, we’re doing what we love in the great outdoors the majority of the time! But if we wanted to afford the kind of life we had back in the city, even without the sky-high accommodation costs, I would have to work a lot more! Nothing ever comes for free.

The fact that I am able to earn money while sitting in my van in the middle of the Dolomites or on the banks of an Italian lake, however, has provided me with more happiness than regular meals out, museum visits and nights out to gigs and theatre performances ever could. It is my tiny little assertion of freedom in a world where almost everything we do ties us down to obligations, debts and places.

I hope as my freelance career evolves I will find my balance a bit more and will be able to dedicate time to writing for pleasure once again. For now, watch this space, as I have a huge backlog of things waiting to be posted!

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